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Forecast for 2021 - Where Is The Price Of Copper Heading?


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The price of copper is subject to strong variations. Widely used in construction, the transition metal is an excellent indicator of the health of the global economy. Investing in copper is more than ever a trend in the investment world.

In this article, we are interested in the evolution of the price of copper and we share with copper buyers our copper price forecasts. We will discuss both the fundamental patterns and the technical signals.

How is the price of copper?

One of the main questions from copper buyers is that what the price of copper is. The price of copper is set by supply and demand in the public commodity market. Different copper futures contracts are traded. The price of copper depends on production costs which include hunting for new mines and their exploitation. Copper is generally priced in US dollars per pound, with one pound equaling approximately 453 grams.

How has the price of copper evolved in the past?

Between 1965 and 2000, the price of copper fluctuated between $0.50 and $1.50 per pound. From 2001, the price of copper experienced a real boom. In only a very short time, the price of the red metal was soaring. So after hitting a low of $0.64 per pound in 2001, seven later, the price had already jumped to almost $4 per pound. But that was just before the financial crisis that was going to affect the whole world. The subprime crisis, closely linked to the construction sector, literally caused the price of the red metal to plummet, or almost immobilizing the demand for copper. Remember, at the time, the construction industry was in crisis and very few new homes were built, the price of copper had then fallen to around $1.40 per pound.

Where to buy copper in bulk?

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